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the cre trust - buildig value
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CRE Trust - creates value

about us

In 2004 the Cluj based company, Telezimex, together with SEAF Trans Balkan Romania Fund, founded CRE Trust, a real estate investment developer which offers people a different life style, a different way to invest and manage a property.

The ideal remained the same, and nowadays the Trustul CRE companies provide a complete solution in real estate: investment and management for real estate development, property administration services and interior design.


We would like to promote a different lifestyle by:

  • developing residential compounds by setting their elegance, quality, durability, comfort and intimacy as our main goal
  • offering a complete product on the real estate market starting with building a house and finishing with furnishing and decorating it
  • offering the first service of construction management ( CRE Management ).

We are a team that has proven its value with all that it has built until now and that is determined to continue building in the real estate area, as well, based on the principles that guaranteed its success:
  • Orientation towards the needs of the customers
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Teamwork and orientation to results
  • Vision and durability

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Diana Calfa - Executive Manager

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